From Us to You

“Where does this gentleness come from?”

We heard these words from a customer in a faraway Asian country.

We’d like to introduce PLUSUI, a range of skincare cosmetics born in Japan.
This is how gentle and refined a skincare cosmetic can be.
We took the challenge to push that limit.

Do you know what the important main
ingredient in skincare cosmetics is?

Actually, it’s water. PLUSUI is a simple line of four
products. The two central items of the lineup are made
with natural mineral water that gushes out from a
particular spot in Onuma Semi-National Park, Hokkaido.
This water, matured deep in 15-million-year-old layers of
the earth, contains a well-balanced mixture of natural
minerals such as silica. But it has no impurities, and so is
drinkable without heat sterilization. Because the water is
fresh as-is, the minerals are highly activated, which
brings many benefits to your skin.

Onuma Semi-National Park, Hokkaido
Japanese herbal medicine
Contains ingredients from
ancient Japanese herbal medicine.
For example: Japanese peony (produced in Japan).

An extract from the root of this beautiful flower tightens the
skin making it clear and bright. It is also known for its ability
to keep the skin looking young.

Black soybean (from Tamba-Sasayama).

This extract, rich in isoflavone and anthocyanin, nurtures
your skin for a supple shine.

Uji-cha (from Kyoto).

Extract of Uji-cha, the famous top-quality green tea. Rich in
catechin, which has attracted attention for its antioxidant
powers, it makes the skin more supple and registant to aging.

In all these items, we use high-functioning beauty
ingredients noted for skin care, such as platinum and
three types of hyaluronic acid with differing
molecular weights.

We stick strictly to ingredients
that are gentle to your skin.

We do not use any of the following:
Ingredients NOT used:
mineral oils, ethanol, fragrances, colorings,
petroleum-based surfactants, parabens.

high-functioning beauty

PLUSUI products are the choice of elegant, luxurious hotels in Japan for their welcome cosmetics,
and of exclusive esthetic salons, as high-grade, natural, premium cosmetics.

It was thanks to just such an opportunity that we were able to hear from the customer mentioned before,
who had never known such gentleness before.

We hope the day will come when you can experience the joy of PLUSUI.
With All Our Heart