From your body’s core, beauty through the power of water.
Water matured in 15 million year old underground rock formations in Hokkaido.
Superior quality alkali ion water.


Why are we so fixated on water?
Because the body is made of water.

The layers of our skin are connected to each other. The skin’s moisture and elasticity is controlled
by its ability to retain water. The skin is extremely honest. Even a small deficiency inside the body
will appear clearly on the surface of the skin. Because of this, we take the approach of aiming for
beauty and health, not just externally but from within the body. The results of this include
detoxification, recovery from fatigue, relief from constipation etc. Those who wish for true beauty
should be concerned with their drinking water. If you wish for health from within your body, you
should use alkaline water matured in the earth: not only in skin care cosmetics, but but for drinking
as well. Spring water from Hokkaido supports your every day life.

Unheated fresh packed natural mineral water

Unheated fresh packed natural mineral water

Plusui utilizes a precipitation filtration process in order not to lose the
special qualities of alkali ion water. We bring you fresh and safe unheated
water full of components that are beneficial for you skin and body.

Worldwide recognition for Plusui!ITQI Award 4 years in a row

Worldwide recognition for Plusui !
ITQI Award 4 years in a row

In 2013and 2014, Plusui Natural Mineral Water, praised as
“Elegant and stylish, a clean and lively fresh water”,
was awarded two stars by a jury of top class European chefs and
sommeliers at ITQI (International Taste and Quality Institute).
In 2015 and 2016, it received a three-star “Superior Tasete Award”, the highest award.

List of Plusui Products

  • cleansing
  • wash
  • lotion
  • gel